All-New X-Men #7


Free Theme Giveaway Contest run by Ramyeons!

Hello everyone! Well i decided to hold a giveaway  (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ  I can’t ship kawaii items all over the world so all i have is coding ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Whoever wins this contest will win a free customized theme made by me! ~ There will be three winners.

  • First Place: A free customized theme from scratch, you get to choose everything!
  • Second Place: You either get to choose #1 or #2 (themes i have made but not published yet) and work with that theme. But you only get to change 4 things in that theme. So if you choose #1, i show you what theme #1 looks like, and you get to choose to change 4 things in that theme. (Permalink on hover, etc.)
  • Third Place: You will get whatever theme is left over from what the second place winner chose (If 2nd place chose #1, you get #2 automatically) and you get to change 2 things in that theme.

Please be patient when you are discussing with me the prizes, i am working with three people and coding for three people so the prizes won’t be handed out a day after you win, maybe two weeks.

How to enter ?

  1. You may enter a maximum of 3 times. A like counts as one entry, and the others are reblogs. 
  2. Do NOT use your sideblogs to reblog it and make it as if it’s another person.
  3. That’s it!

Important Information!

  1. Please do not keep asking about how your theme is going, please be patient.
  2. The themes 2nd and 3rd place get to choose from are all themes i have used before on my main blog.
  3. The rules that are on my ask page in my theme blog still apply to the winners after they recieve their theme. 
  4. Please do not use the free theme as a basecode.
  5. Theme rules and terms still apply.
  6. I will choose the winner with
  7. If i cannot contact you, you do not qualify for the prize. (If you win 1st and i cannot contact you, 1st place’s prize will go to 2nd place’s, etc.)
  8. If i do contact you and do not hear a reply within 24 hrs of the message being sent, #7’s II (Important Information) applies.
  9. Reblogging and liking starts when this post has been published and stops on July 30th.
  10. Please participate nicely and have fun! ~



My last giveaway for spring was maybe my most fun yet, and here’s my final giveaway of 2012! Yeah, those are literally all of my summer clothes from 2011. My entire summer closet, all of it, goes to one lucky winner. 


-17 chiffon tank tops from Acne

-7 pairs of lightwash jeans from Rag&Bone

-13 bags

-8 blazers

-26 pairs of shorts from Rag&Bone

-3 pairs of shorts from American Apparel

-10 pairs of shorts from Urban Outfitters

-34 summer dresses

-9 loose long-sleeve tops

-2 pairs of summer shoes



-you must follow wild-bleu, if you don’t want to follow please don’t waste your time, you won’t be chosen

-no likes! they will not be counted

-reblog at least once, but no more than 10 times (i’m using a random selector, i want to keep it relatively fair)

-i ship international

-winner will be chosen on june 25th

-i will personally message the winner on tumblr, if i get no response in 48 hours i will choose another winner

What are you waiting for? This is honestly the chance of a lifetime. REBLOG!


Me too!


Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket. by L_is_for_Love on Flickr.